Breakers Host Taipans In Venomous Encounter At Home: Spark Arena 09/11/18

Both Head Coaches new in their rolls in NBL and both looking at two games this weekend and keen to see their clubs string some wins together. Breakers 2-3, Taipans 1-4 to start the 28 game season. Winning two games for either club this would be huge for their season and give it that boost in the NBL table.

Breakers need more offence from Guards Shea Ili, Corey Webster and Patrick Richard. If they can all get in double figures each and every game the team is set for 95-105 a game. Ex Breakers DJ Newbill and Rob Loe will be returning their old home-court. People moving clubs is all part of basketball and what makes it a tiny bit more fun is rivalry for many of us basketball heads. Nothing beats scoring on an old club which is the same for Jarrad Weeks. Newly signed with the Breakers during the NZNBL season / NBL off season and will look to make an impact at Spark Arena today against his past club the Cairns Taipans.

Cairns Taipans vs Skycity Breakers NZ
Saturday 09/11/18 7:50pm NZ (5:50pm AU)
By: Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti

Starting 5 : Ili, Long, Wesley, Tom, Webster First Quarter: Wesley scores off the glass inside within 5 seconds and Jawai replies. Tai Wesley rejects Jawai getting the ball back for the Breakers and Webster hits a Three. Rob Loe backs in on Abercrombie and gets a tidy two off the glass. Webster makes some space and nails his second three early. Long tidy hook over Loe in the paint. Shea Ili with two offensive rebounds. Shawn Long with a three and first for the season NZ 13-4 CRNS 5:58. Webster shakes Rob Loe and hits the 15 foot fadeaway and Taipans call a timeout Breakers up by eleven in the opens four minutes.

Taipans come straight out of the timeout with a play for Rob Loe under the basket converts over Shawn Long. Good confident ball movement from the Breakers and Patrick Richard converts off a Abercrombie miss. Taipans fouled going for three hits 2/3 NZ 17-10 CRNS 3:56. Corey Webster on fire with a lane to the basket with the layup followed by a fadeaway and on 12 points. DJ Newbill getting his way under the basket finds his way inside. Finn Delany fake under the basket and nails hook shot. DJ Newbill inside again finds space and is on 6 for the Taipans. Shea more active than the opening 4 games is fouled makes 2/2 at the line. Breakers in the bonus and Patrick Richard is fouled and hits 2/2. Jarrad Weeks with lockout pass to Patrick Richard in transition nails the three and up 9 at the end of the quarter.

First Quarter: Breakers 30-21 Taipans

Second Quarter Taipans start with a three and Patrick Richard with an inside two for the Breakers. Head Coach Kevin Braswell not happy with the opening 90 seconds and calls a timeout to talk all about defence NZ 32-28 CRNS 8:40. DJ Newbill finishes off a long Jawai pass and converts and it’s within two points for the Taipans. Majok is fouled inside heads to the line hits 1/2. Taipans Lucas Walker is left alone and hits a floater. Webster with the fade away from the free throw line. Tough defence and the Breakers force a Taipans turnover through a shot clock violation. SCorey Webster can’t miss this half and hits a three off a Tai Wesley screen and on 17 points shooting 7/8. Patrick Richard step back over Devon Hall and the guards are bringing 30 points for the Breakers early. Shawn Long is called for a foul in transition giving Taipans the ball but next play Long  rejects Rob Loe and gets the ball back and scores inside.

Alex Loughton hits a three and gets Taipans within seven NZ 46-39 CRN 3:53. Tai Wesley down low backs in with patience and hits over Rob Loe. Corey Webster with the ISO play, shakes the defender and hits a jumper. Tai Wesley with a perfect pass finds Majok between the defenders hits the shot and is fouled misses the and one opportunity. Breakers run the same play and Majok hits in traffic is fouled and converts the and one taking the Breakers up 10 with 60 seconds to play. DJ Newbill is fouled hard going for the basket and misses both free throws! Tom Abercrombie converts off the glass and gives the Breakers a 12 point buffer at the end of the half. Breakers playing a cohesive style of basketball and often looking ahead to find the open man. Defensive pressure causing turnovers and often Breakers converting. Halftime: Breakers (65% 23-35) 57-45 (47.1% 16-34) Taipans.

Halftime: Breakers 57-45 Taipans

Breakers playing a cohesive style of basketball and often looking ahead to find the open man. Defensive pressure causing turnovers and Breakers converting at the other end. Halftime: Breakers (65% 23-35)  (47.1% 16-34) Taipans.

Third Quarter Tom Abercrombie gets scoring going Taipans quick to reply. Newbill feed to Rob Loe cut and old tempers flair. Tai Wesley backs in and getting the better of Loe down low. The Ball looking more stuck in the opening four minutes from the Breakers. Tai Wesley corner three off the in bounds play from Shea Ili. Unsportsmanlike foul called on Lucas Walker fouling Tai Wesley in transition who misses both and the Breakers still with a 12 point lead NZ 64-52 CRN 5:05.

Corey Webster three followed by a Patrick Richard three and Taipans to call a timeout. Patrick finds Shawn Long at the other end and dunks off the long pass. Shawn Long off the dribble hits the fadeaway over the monster Jawai and Breakers go up 20. Shawn Long Block and Patrick Richard with another deep three shooting 6/6 and is on 17 points as the crowd erupts NZ 77-54 CRNS 2:21. Great ball movement finds Tom Abercrombie for a contested three. Patrick Richard cuts to the basket and finishes with a dunk and under 30 seconds to play.

Third Quarter: Breakers 82 (57%) 57 (42%) Taipans.

Fourth Quarter Tom Abercrombie starts with Breakers scoring and next play Breakers found in transition and converts. DJ Newbill fouled by Patrick in traffic hits 1/2 for the Taipans. Patrick again finds an opening in the lane and gets the layup and on a season high 21 points. Kuany finishes in traffic giving the Taipans a boost in the fourth. Majok cleans up the trash with a hook NZ 92-63 CRNS 7:05. Weeks hits a three and gives the Breakers a 31 point lead with 6 minutes to play. Corey Webster from the top off the key hits a three slowly pushing in the knife to the snake. Melo Trimble a shining light with some fancy footwork finishing with a Allen Iverson like finish 3 times over and Taipans high scorer on 23 points NZ 99-71 CRNS 3:20.

Kevin Braswell sends out Jordan Ngatai, Tom Vodanavich and DeGeest to close the half and aim to hold the lead. Vodanavich is fouled twice with his minutes gets 3/4 from the line. Solid convincing performance and a impressive offence display from the Breakers tearing the Taipans defence in and outside the key. Second win at home for the Breakers and most consistent we have seen all season. With the Breakers Guards scoring in fast paced transition. Taipans travel to Melbourne and face United while the Breakers head to Brisbane to tackle the Bullets.

Fulltime: Breakers 104-81 Taipans

Notable Breakers:

Corey Webster 25/2/1 62% shooting – Video Highlights

Patrick Richard 21/3/3 88% shooting – Video Highlights

Shawn Long 11/7/1
Majok Majok 10/3/1 100% shooting

GAME – Video Highlights:


Breakers Box Scores (now 3-3 for the season):

Next Game: vs Brisbane Bullets 11th Nov 2018

Next Home – on road game:  November ILT Stadium Invergargil vs Melbourne United

Next Home game: 23rd November Spark Arena vs Perth Wildcats

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