Breakers Import Armani Moore Chats To Basketball Yeti Ahead Of Wildcats Clash

Basketball Yeti sat down with the energetic and hungry to win Armani Moore of the Skycity Breakers. Armani is one of three import players hailing from University of Tennessee, 2016 NBA summer league (Indiana Pacers prospect) then found himself in Europe before landing a Guard spot in the Skycity Breakers for the 2018/19 NBL season.

Interview by: Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti 31/10/18 -Breakers Training Facility

Ahead of this weekends huge clash facing the Perth Wildcats; Moore feels the team is starting to make some great progress and ready to take on the Wildcats Saturday. Check out the full interview:

Basketball Yeti: Here we are bro you’re in the NBL now you’re a couple games in how are you feeling about it all?

Armani Moore: I’m feeling pretty good, like us and the guys you know, we’re taking things one day at a time I feel like we’re getting better and better, starting to clear up some of the mistakes we were making in the pre-season as well as at the beginning of the season, so I think it’s just to progress from here.

BY: So you know, usually a lot of the imports are older, what’s it like kinda being the youthful import?

AM: Ahh you know, I’ve been playing Basketball all my life so you know, no matter if I’m the oldest or the youngest my job is just to come in and try to be the impact anywhere I am, no matter what position I’m playing, I just think for me what’s most important is just trying to get the win and me coming out to compete each and every night.

BY: What spots do you like playing, I mean I see you in the forward, in transition as well but you know what position really kinda gets you going on the court?

AM: Honestly man, I’ve never really played a position, I mean I’m just in a spot on the court you know, in the 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 or whatever but I feel like as Basketball players, especially now with the way the game has changed, there’s not really a position, we don’t really have guys that really post up, don’t really have guys that are just strictly 3-point shooters, we don’t have guys that can only handle the ball, I mean like we have guys that can do everything on this team so for me, it’s just like I said, going back to that competing thing, no matter whom it’s for, obviously I’ve gotta be more aggressive on crashing the boards and stuff like that if I’m going to go for the three I’ve got to be aggressive when I’m going for the ball and a little pick and roll, so it’s just understanding what I need to be doing at that point in time of the game.

BY: Great game last weekend against the 36ers man, 17 points, shooting 66% – what do you kinda feel going to Perth man, you know you’ve heard probably about the rivalry and you know, where does that kind of sit with you?

AM: Ah you know for me, it’s just going to be about us staying poised as a team, it’s going to be hectic for sure, a lot of things are probably going to go their way but you know, I think that in games like that and especially in that environment we’re going to have to win the 50/50 balls and not going to have to talk to the refs , we’re going to have to play, play through maybe some bad calls we’ve got to play with the good calls or whatever but we’re all pros at the end of the day so we’ve just got to know how to carry ourselves as pros.

BY: Sure. Who do you feel like you’re really bonding with in the Breakers?

AM: Yeah? As far as teammates?

BY: Yeah!

AM: I mean on this team you don’t really see a lot of egos flying around, I mean everybody’s pretty cool, I mean obviously a lot of guys on this team have family’s and stuff like that but you know me and Shawn are in the same building so we’ve both in the city we probably together most times so I’d probably say me and him but everyone’s cool.

BY: What was it like having him come in after that kind of right to the last minute, before Shawn Long was signed on the dotted line. What was that like when you heard he was coming over to play?

AM: I mean I just looked at it like damn, we’ve got another import coming in that can help us you know he was long, he can shoot the three ball he can defend, he can block shots and I was just like he’s going to be a great quality to our team, I’ve never heard of him before here, I didn’t know him but he’s a cool guy obviously we get along like I said we’re always together and I think that always helps our chemistry on the court as well.

BY: It’s almost like early days in your career man, is it nice to kind of be over in New Zealand, a different part of the world that you haven’t really played ball in before?

AM: I mean yeah, as far as New Zealand goes man I’m enjoying it here and yes there was a lot of things that were different when I first came over but it’s nothing that I can’t handle, I’ve been in a lot of different countries and stuff and experienced a lot of different cultures but as far as this goes it’s probably one of the better cities that I’ve been in.

Saturday in Perth is going to be an experience for a lot of the new Breakers with the 13,000 strong crowd that often motivate the Wildcats to get the win. They are a large side and with arguably the best Guards in the league Bryce Cotton. Tip-off is at 4:50pm New Zealand on Sky Sport, tune in for what is expected to be one physical and intense encounter.

Basketball Yeti Armani Moore Notable Career Highlights with University of Tennessee: 

-Ended his four-year career on Rocky Top with 907 career points (7.1 ppg), 617 rebounds (4.8 rpg), and 131 blocked shots (1.02 bpg).
-His 128 career games tie him for sixth all-time at Tennessee.
-Logged 10 career double-doubles, including a team-high six as a senior.
-131 career blocks, Moore became just the 13th player in Tennessee history to record 100 career blocked shots.
-Averaged 14.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 5.3 assists in three games at the SEC Tournament, helping the Vols make a surprise run into the quarterfinals

Career Highs: 

  • Points: 29 // vs. Army, 11/24/15
  • Rebounds: 16 // vs. Gardner-Webb, 11/22/15
  • Assists: 8 // vs. LSU, 3/11/16*
  • Steals: 4 (3x) // last vs. Florida, 1/6/16
  • Blocks: 5 (3x) // last at Alabama, 1/26/16
  • Field Goals: 11 // last vs. Army, 11/24/15
  • 3-Pointers: 3 // vs. Army, 11/24/15
  • Free Throws: 10 // vs. Santa Clara, 11/27/14
  • Minutes: 39 (2x) // last vs. Arkansas, 2/27/16

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