Breakers Look For Consistency & Pace At Spark Arena: Adelaide 36ers vs Breakers

The Skycity Breakers are at home for a second week in a row at Spark Arena and looking to have a huge improvement from last weeks dismantling performance from Andrew Bogut and the Sydney Kings. Breakers Head Coach Kevin Braswell wants to see a turn around performance; continuity at both ends, pace and moving the ball. But in short, bring it for all forty minutes. Kevin feels he has only seen 20 solid minutes in each of the first three games from the Breakers and believes it is possible for the side to click.  

Skycity Breakers NZ vs Adelaide 36ers
Sunday 28/10/18 – 2pm
By: Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti

We talk about that a lot in basketball: Momentum, Chemistry, Vision and all three are when it “Clicks”. For me it is when everyone in all parts of the organisation have the common goal and deliver, with the talent in the right role. That is what the club and fans alike are waiting to so happen and like most, want it straight away. I know the Players and Coaches are working their heart out to make an impression and ultimately win games. The next six games are pivotal for the Breakers, Win or look to fall and stay at the bottom of the NBL ladder. That is the reality of the eight team NBL set up and that is why I see Breakers coming full force and playing 40 minutes at Spark.

First Quarter starts and the ball is moving for both teams, 36ers Nathan Sobey starts with a floater and is fouled in motion and makes the and one. Jacob Wiley let Tom Abercrombie have it with a hard ferocious block. Tai Wesley keen to get scoring, backs in and nails the left hand hook. Corey Webster shoots a three but misses and Shawn Long is there to clean up with a put back dunk. Anthony Drmic gets a layup for the 36ers and converts the and one. Tom Abercrombie gets the long two and Breakers only down one NZ 7-8 ADL 7:58. Jacob Wiley is looking very active in the first half and the Breakers finding it hard to stop as Wiley finishes in traffic. Tai Wesley is on his second foul early and Head Coach Kevin Braswell decides to keep him in until the next timeout. 36ers suffocating the Breakers offence with defence turning in to offence; Daniel Johnson finishes inside with a reverse layup and the next play is found wide open in transition and hits from beyond the arc and opens an eight point lead for Adelaide when KB calls a Breakers timeout NZ 7-15 ADL 6:34.

Jacob Wiley hits a long two straight out of the timeout before Armani Moore breaking the scoring drought. Jacob Wiley quick to reply with a finger roll from the left of the lane keeping the scoring gap and looking to grow it. Tai Wesley works some fancy footwork gets inside with a quick layup inside. Finn Delany takes a shot gets his own miss over three 36ers players and converts the and one play. Breakers doing a better job of moving the ball since the timeout and find Shawn Long open underneath with a huge dunk. Anthony Drmic looking in tune hits a three and gives the visitiing Adelaide 36ers a healthy 12 point lead.

Finn Delany hits a three and close the gap to single figures before some tough defence the Breakers get the ball back. Finn Delany looking empowered and unstoppable finishes with a dunk and the crowd erupts NZ 21-28 ADL 3:15. Finn Delany cuts from the baseline and dunks off a precision pass delivered from Armani Moore. But Finn wasn’t done yet going inside nailing the finger-roll, followed by a layup and is quickly the Breakers highest scorer on 14. Tom Abercrombie finishes the quarter with a three and after a high scoring first trail by 6.

First Quarter: Breakers 31-37 Adelaide 36ers

Breakers start scoring in the Second Quarter with a Tai Wesley basket off a “Everywhere Man” Finn Delany assist. Effort and defence paving the way for the Breakers with Tom Abercrombie hitting a fade away jumper and the crowd ignite and can see a change of momentum. Adelaide replying and looking to stay the course with the game plan converting from the line NZ 38-44 ADL 6:23. Corey Webster with the 15 foot step back and drills it bringing the Breakers to within four points. Unfortunately the Breakers are on five fouls with over 6 minutes to play, but the physicality is working for them.

Tough defensive effort from the Breakers gets Patrick Richard going and his time to step up hitting a three from the top of the key and following possession knocks down a jumper off a well timed Webster bounce pass. Interesting Stat Note: Both teams have made 19 shots but the Breakers have made 12 more attempts, shooting 47.5 % to Adelaide’s 67.9% !  Armani Moore is fouled and makes 2/2 at the line. Patrick Richard cleans up the miss and nails an inside layup and keeps the gap to within 6 NZ 49-55 ADL 2:32. Finn Delany cuts inside off another great feed from Shea Ili squeezing in between two Adelaide defenders. Next possession Finn fakes the corner three and runs the base line to finish with a dunk. Breakers make the most of an Adelaide turnover and Corey Webster closes the half and the gap to 5.

Halftime: Breakers 55-60 Adelaide 36ers

Great first half of basketball from the Breakers and most consistant this season. They will need to bring much of we witnessed especially in the second quarter to give them a chance to get the first home win. With Finn Delany looking aggressive and unstoppable almost everywhere on the court with tough defence and running hard in transition.

Third Quarter and Breakers look hot with Shawn Long scoring in the opening seconds with ball movement. Nathan Sobey coming off a 32 point game Friday hits a three and looks to spark the 36ers offence. Corey Webster hits a jumper off a Tai Wesley screen then does a similar play on the following possesion and it is within 3 for the Breakers NZ 65-68 ADL 6:15. Tai Wesley finishes in traffic and Nathan Sobey replies with a three before Tom Abercrombie shakes the defender and gets the three. The Breakers crowd can see what they have been looking for and gets people screaming. Tai Wesley igniting in the third and gets the layup and is fouled and converts.

Armani Moore lines up at the top of the key for a deep three and Breakers trail by one. Patrick Richard see’s Finn cutting to the basket and another perfect pass that Finn converts the layup and the lead for the first time since the opening minutes in the first quarter. Finn Delany continues to be the “Everywhere Man” with his monster game and makes the shot inside and converts the foul and on 22 points (75% shooting), one away from his career best. Armani Moore playing the four spot with great intent finds a gap in the lane drives and scores. Shawn Long has been effective on both ends of the floor and proving to be a HUGE sign for the Breakers with the athletic up and under. Finn Delany with another up and under is fouled and converts passing his top score. Adelaide have the ball and aim to snap back the lead but turn it over with an offensive foul and 0.8 on the clock.  Breakers miss the half court shot from Armani Moore but have a one point lead heading in to the fourth. Breakers outscore the 36ers NZ 32-26 ADL.

Third Quarter: Breakers 87-86 Adelaide 36ers

Fourth Quarter starts with Armani being fouled and converts 2/2 followed by a layup and the Breakers biggest lead. Breakers moving the ball with vision and trust that you wan to see as a fan, coach and player. Good basketball is good basketball. Adelaides communication seems to be breaking down forced to make high contested shots and not converting NZ 93-86 ADL 7:28. The 20 year old Big, Daniel Froling hits a much needed three for Adelaide and snapping a scoring drought. Finn Delany gets the rebound and takes the ball coast to coast and is on 27 points and Adelaide’s Head Coach Joey Wright calls a timeout after some sloppy defence and offence NZ 98-89 ADL 5:37.

Breakers continue to out run the 36 ers in the second half and Corey Webster banks in the turn around jumper off the glass. Shawn Long again putting himself in the right place with great basketball IQ doesn’t just rebound the miss, grabs it with the left for a monster dunk on Daniel Johnson giving the Breakers a double digit lead. Shawn Long gets his third block of the night, sent back so hard I thought it might have put a hole in Spark Arenas floor and the crowd goes mental and Adelaide sensing the game slipping away from them. Breakers out run and outscore Adelaide in transition and Corey Webster slides the dagger in with a three and 18 point lead with under 2 minutes to play. Breakers restricting the 36ers to just 34 points in the second half after scoring 60 in the first.

Fulltime: Breakers 114-94 Adelaide 36ers

Game Round-up and Thoughts: Breakers play the best basketball we have seen all year and what a time to click as a team. This was 3 and a bit quarters of well executed basketball with trust, pace, transition play and ball movement. A solid 20 point win and first home win for the season and Head Coach Kevin Braswell pleased with the performance and play his team delivered.

Notable Breakers Points/Rebounds/Assist:
Finn Delany 27/4/2 (Shooting 12/18 = 66%)
Armani Moore 17/5/5 (Shooting 6/9 = 66%)
Shawn Long 14/9/1 – 2 steals, 3 blocks (Shooting 6/8 = 75%)

54 points came from the Breakers bench and half of those are Finn Delany’s

Finn Delany (career high) 27 points in 20:55 minutes! Video Highlights:

Box Scores:

Breakers vs 36ers Video Highlight:

Next game Round Four: Saturday 3rd November On the Road Verses Perth Wildcats @ RAC Arena 12pm (5pm New Zealand).

Next Home game Round Five: Friday 9th November @ Spark Arena 7:50pm NZ

Next time they play the 36ers is round 11&12 in Adelaide so good to have the win at this end before heading to face the 36ers on their home court.

Leon Taylor
Basketball Yeti

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