This is a great position to be in for the Breakers 3-3 as they head to Brisbane to play the Bullets 4-4 and a win for either takes them into that above .500 team and making waves around the NBL. Bullets have fallen short against some good teams this season. Including a Dagger three delivered from Bryce Cotton at the Buzzer in Perth Friday, so they can compete. Brisbane got the win last time they met the Breakers in round one. Winning road games is huge in this league and both these teams clicking at the moment and harnessing the momentum key at this stage of the rounds. 

Cairns Taipans vs Skycity Breakers NZ
Sunday 11/11/18 9:50pm NZ (7:50pm AU)
By: Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti

Expecting a full court battle with Ruben TeRangi to keep shooting the ball including off loading to sharp shooter Cameron Gliddon and don’t forget Mika Vukona to make it tough down under the basket. The Breakers have scored over 100 points in the last two games and proving they are a scoring unit that has options all over the court, so it should not matter if someone is having a bad night. Make 75 shots and make 35-45 and it is a winning night along with solid board protection and both ends; Shawn Long playing consistent and rim protector and scorer every game making it his space under the basket for him and his team mates.

First Quarter and Breakers look hot early with Tai Wesley runner. Corey Webster and Shea Ili hit threes and Breakers get a quick 6 point lead first 3 mins and Brisbane Head Coach Andrej Lemanis calls a timeout BR 6-12 NZ 6:23. Brisbane get a few good baskets is transition to bring it within 3. Shawn Long with a crazy pass to a cutting to the basket Abercrombie fouled makes 2/2.

Massive Dunk from Shawn Long doing the work at both ends. Finn Delany corner three off Abercrombie assist. Shawn Long 3 and 9 point Breakers lead. Abercrombie fouled makes 2/2 and an 11 point lead with two minutes to play. Richard fouled driving dunk hits 1/2. Brisbane score in transition to try close out the half before Patrick Richard steps in to a deep three and Brisbane forced to call timeout with 40 seconds to play. 9 assists from the Breakers

First Quarter: Bullets 21-28 Breakers

Second Quarter and Shea is fouled with a three hitting his leg. Jarrad Weeks huge block then a two passes and Patrick Richard finds the bottom of the net with a 3, 6/9. Brisbane 21-36 Breakers 8:41 Bullets shocked and call timeout to tidy up rotations. But Breakers change zone defence and Richard gets the steal and in 6 seconds is at the other end and shakes the defender and hits the jumper. Ruben TeRangi hits a highly contested three to get the. Weeks three off great Breaker ball movement , Long 3 Breakers up 20 and looking like a blowout BR 24-44 NZ 6:23.

Breakers hitting Threes 9/14 64% and punishing the Bullets. Richard 3 and leads all scorers on 12. Delany dunk off Tai Wesley over the back pass. Bullets looking to find some common ground to string some baskets in the final three minutes. Mika Vukona finishes hard under the basket over a contested Abercrombie. Patrick Richard is electric and igniting with a three and shooting 4/5 from three. Patrick Richard at the other end draws an offensive foul and Breakers get the Ball back and Andrea Lemanis is ropable. Going to the break a solid lead for New Zealand using suffocating defence and turning it in to big time offence. Brisbane will need a complete turnaround in the defence and effort to put a hole in the Breakers 15 point lead. Breakers out scoring the second 26-18. Brisbane did comeback in round one to win in double digits over the Breakers so can expect a different half.

Halftime: Bullets 39-54 Breakers

Third Quarter Tai Wesley blocks. Corey finishes with a layup off his own steal before TeRangi backs in with the two. Abercrombie with tough defence stops a TeRangi dunk. Patterson finishes in transition for Brisbane. TeRangi underneath and is on 12 for Brisbane and under double figures since the first quarter. 5 turnovers and only scoring 2 points for the Breakers this quarter. The game Brisbane are playing is surging them forward BR 50-56 NZ 4:41.

Kevin Braswell keen to try a few different lineups to get the scorers scoring. Smothering man on man defence from the Bullets has got them right back in it. Tai Wesley pulls the elite defensive play under the basket and the ball. Gibson with a deep three at the end of the shot clock for Brisbane and within one basket. Gliddin with a corner three after missing his first 7 is within 1. Gibson again ,with a two gets the lead for the Bullets for the first time since the opening minute of the game. Brisbane out scoring 23-9 and trail by just one and anyone’s game after a massive fight back.

Third Quarter:Bullets 62-63 Breakers

Fourth Quarter and Breakers look to show the cohesion they had in the first half. Wesley gets his fourth block. Seesaw game, Shea finds Wesley open and hits a three and a 4 point lead and Lemanis calls a Brisbane timeout sensing a momentum change. Finn Delany defending Mika Vukona hard down low and winning the battle in the fourth. Tai Wesley drive and scores and Breakers on a 7-2 run. Ruben TeRangi tough finish off the glass BR 66-70 NZ 6:56. Abercrombie with the outback off the Richard miss. Shawn Long back in on four fouls and then is called immediately and is out of the game. Cameron Gliddon cheeky inside off the glass and within 4. Tom Abercrombie is fouled makes 1/2 but Brisbane don’t block out and Breakers get the ball back. Tom Abercrombie gets his own miss off the glass BR 68-73 NZ 5:10 .

Cameron Gliddon hits a three and it’s back with 2 points. Richard hits a three as the shit clock expires and matches his career high 21 he made only just on Friday. Gibson banks in a triple off the glass for Brisbane and within one point BR 77-78 NZ 3:25. Tough defensive sets for 90 seconds and neither team scoring before a Shea Ili two and a Breakers three point lead. Paterson gets the call for foul on Abercrombie. Shea coming up in crunch time with a two before a Brisbane 3 to tie it up. Tai Wesley is fouled hard and makes 1/2. Breakers dig in and get the stop with less than a minute to play and Corey gets an in and out three.

Corey Webster fouls Gibson with 14 seconds to play and takes the lead 84-83. Breakers will have a chance to win it with this next play Tai Wesley Drives the lane and finds three defenders kicks out to Abercrombie who saves it from almost going down with 8 seconds passes to Webtser at the top of the key who drives and met with the same Brisbane wall Tai had found. But Tom Abercrombie hits a jumper off a Webster kick out pass after driving up the left lane assist and it is a 1 point lead with one point lead. There is 0.3 left on the clock and Brisbane have one last chance but Breakers defend and win.

Fulltime: Bullets 84-85 Breakers

Game Round-up and Thoughts: great first half and Brisbane had a chance after bringing it back after being down by as much as 23 and even taken the lead a few times in the third and fourth quarter. Breakers executed well in the fourth and win after losing Shawn Long to foul trouble. Showing the bench has some depth and get it done and their season now 4-3 after winning the two games this weekend.

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