Melbourne United vs Skycity Breakers NZ
Saturday 16/11/18 7:50pm NZ (5:50pm AU)
By: Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti

First Quarter and the starting five Shea Ili, Tai Wesley, Tom Abercrombie, Shawn Long, Corey Webster. First South Island clash in years and is vs Melbourne last seasons Champions. First offence for Melbourne and Shawn Long monster blocks Josh Boone. Shea stop and pop in transition hits the basket. Melbourne quick to reply but Shawn Long in transition with a dunk and hits the and one. Casper Ware is fouled hard on the drive and hits 2/2 NZ 5-5 MELB 7:39.

Corey Webster space up top and knocks back to back threes and gives the Breakers a 6 point buffer. Casper drives makes the basket and makes the and one. Tom Abercrombie hits a corner three only 8 seconds later. Melbourne with a bit of a taste of Breakers medicine and keeping it within two points. Shawn Long gets the hook over Boone and going to be a battle all night. Jarrad Weeks over Goulding off the glass before a Barlow three for Melbourne. Goulding deeper three Melbourne lead NZ 18 – 20 MELB 315. But Corey is looking hot tonight with the slightest look and knocks down a 3. Mitch off the glass, Boone fouled makes 2/2 Gives Melbourne and a seven point lead NZ 21-28 MELB 1:16. Tai Wesley From three off solid ball movement before Casper Ware replies with a three of his own. Patrick Richard uses the clock but shot clock runs down.

First Quarter:  Breakers 24-31 Melbourne

Second Quarter Abercrombie with a three, Delany three and 42 seconds in and it’s back within one and Melbourne Dean Vickerman calls a timeout. Melbourne’s Alex Pledger cuts to the basket and dunks in a stadium he’s spent much time in with the NZNBL Southland Sharks. Webster top of the arc hits a three and tied at 35. Craig Miller hits a fadeaway over Finn Delany and Tai Wesley hits a three in a huge offensive game so far NZ 41-37 MELB 7:12. Boone works through contact and works it inside. Boone blocks Finn and Tai in a huge effort under the basket.

Corey Webster has the match and gasoline and hits a three again. Finn Delany drive and bucket finding success inside. Melbourne score and Breakers time out NZ 46-41 MELB 5:40. Corey off the glass hits the and one and 8 point Breakers lead. Majok inside. Majok defends hard and working hard at both ends. Melbournes Josh Boone inside, up fake and is now in 13. Patrick after 40+ points last weekend hits 2/2 after a tough foul. Breakers defend hard and get the ball back and move the Ball Webster assist to Shea Ili finishes in traffic and hits NZ 56-45 MELB 2:02. Breakers out scoring Melbourne 34-20 in the second and giving them a seven point lead.

Halftime: Wildcats – Breakers 58-51 Melbourne

Third Quarter teams are quick to to get scoring and attacking inside and look again SCOREY Webster three. Tai Wesley right hand floater is good and hitting from anywhere. Melbourne find an open Wayne Barlow and dunks NZ 66-61 MELB 6:19. Busy stretch of play with Boone finishing inside. Tai gets the two straight back. Shawn Long inside. Tom backs in and nails the jumper. DJ Kennedy disrupting both ends and getting Melb within three. Boone blocks Shawn Long getting him back for that irst quarter monster block. Goulding for three Webster fouls and Chris makes the four point play and Melbourne lead NZ 71-72 MLB. Shawn Long is fouled hits 2/2 but Dean Vickerman gets a technical and Webster hits it and Breakers get the ball back and snatch the lead back with a quick two.

Corey Webster bounce pass to Shea Ili and Melbourne timeout NZ 76-71 MELB 3:03. It’s going to be an intense battle until the end. Josh Boone left alone in the back court smashes the dunk and on 20 points. Breakers Head Coach Kevin Braswell gets a technical and Goulding misses; and the ball never lies. DJ Kennedy gets a layup off 3 offensive possessions. Josh Boone called for a flop makes the and one. Left alone inside off fast paced offence and ties it up at 77. Finn Delany is sent to the line hits 2/2 and Breakers are 100% from the line. Casper Ware finishes in traffic and tied at 79 and on the next play again Casper wishes it in and get Melbourne in front by 2.

Third Quarter:Breakers 79-81 Melbourne

Fourth Quarter and Patrick hits a three and fouled makes the four point play and Breakers lead by 2. Boone loses the the handle but gets it back and in tied up at 83 and 7:16 before a cheeky off the glass and on 11 and Melbourne up by 2. Shawn Long off assist number 8 from Webster in a very high scoring encounter. Corey Webster hits the shots under pressure highly contested hits off the glass. Josh Boone is fouled down low and makes 2/2 and the lead by one.

Tai Wesley two and the lead and looking like it will be like this until the last minute. Shawn Long hits a huge off the glass and nails the and one. Boone put back off Casper miss. The combo of Casper and Boone inside is being huge an keeps them within 2. Webster off the glas Breakers hits inside. Casper with a three and shorting lights out hits a 35 foot deep three and 2 point Melbourne lead NZ 94-96 MELB 3:32. Melbourne hits inside and gives them a four point lead with under three to play. Long finished inside of Webster assist.

Shea Ili finishes over Ware and tied at 98 with 2 mins to play. Goulding finishes over Webster and brings up the 100 and lead for Melbourne and 1:27 on the clock. Shawn Long cooks the Tai Wesley alley-oop opens the miss match for Melbourne in transition and Chris Goulding hits a three in transition and 5 point lead with 47 seconds to go Braswell calls the time out.

Tai Wesley misses the quick three out of the time out and Melbourne get the rebound and fouled. Goulding in bounds the ball and Casper steps out of bounds giving Breakers the ball back with 31 seconds to play do down by 5. Webster has a clean look and misses the straight on three and is forced to foul with 18 seconds to play hits 2/2. Hustle plays in the final minute and Corey hits a three at the buzzer. Melbourne close out in the final seconds.

Fulltime: Breakers 101-108 Melbourne

Game Round-up and Thoughts: An incredible game and one to remember for the Breakers, Melbourne and the NBL. The packed out 2600 crowd made it a night to remember this season and the third game in a row above 100 for the Breakers. Not much I would change about that execution for the Breakers. It took a huge effort and all three Boone, Ware and Goulding had great shooting nights to get the win and they  are essentially the same core group. When the Breakers are a new look and working on a new culture inside and out and the Basketball Yeti can not get enough of the team starting to really show it’s depth shooting 50% to Melbourne 51%. Basketball Yeti also feels snoozing on the Breakers might be the worst thing any team in the NBL might ever do.

Notable Breakers Points/Rebounds/Assists:

Corey Webster 31/2/8
Tai Wesley 12/6/5
Shawn Long 15/6/1
Tom Abercrombie 8/9/1

Corey Webster 31 points, 2 rebounds, 8 assists Video Highlights:



Box Scores:

Breakers Video Highlight:



Next Game (away) : 18/11/18 Sydney Kings 7:20pm NZ time.

Next Home game: 23rd November Spark Arena vs Perth Wildcats

Leon Taylor
Basketball Yeti


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