Sydney Kings Andrew Bogut & Jarome Randle Dominate At Spark Arena 21/10/18

Basketball Yeti has been looking forward to this match up since the season was announced. To see NBA champion Andrew Bogut in the flesh and see how he is going with the transition to the NBL with explosive Jerome Randle and Veterans like Kevin Lisch who can score on their own. Shawn Long is the 100th Breaker to take the court and making his own mark in the NBL.

Game Review, Box Scores and Video Highlights
Skycity Breakers NZ vs Sydney Kings
21/10/18 2pm
Location: Spark Arena Auckland
By: Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti

Tai Wesley is first to score with a strong back in and perfectly timed hook and is fouled and makes the three point play. Corey Webster gets a three and the Breakers make baskets by moving the ball. Tom Abercrombie Fouls David Wear and makes 2/2 and Sydney want to stop the offence. Breakers moving the ball finds Tai Wesley and hits a three. Jerome Randle drive the outside of the lane and finishes a highly contested shot. After finding success Tai Wesley backs in to the paint and finds the net Breakers 11-6 Kings 7:11.

Out of the timeout and Sydney move the ball with pace and find David Wear for back to back threes and game is tied at 12. Shawn battling down low with anyone in the paint and managing to stop most in his path but fouls Bogut who hits 2/2 and Sydney are in front aftewr a 17-3 run and six point lead. Armani tries to ignite some Breakers ofence to end the second converting a tricky layup. But Sydney find an open Kyle Adnam and nails a three putting them up by 11, quickly. First Quarter: Breakers 18-29 Kings.

Breakers defence lap in the end half of the second quarter will need to change drastically and get a spark in offence. Sloppy opening two minutes from both teams until Jarrad Weeks hits two, threes. Sydney Captain Kevin Lisch replies right back giving the visitors a 14 point cushion forcing Breakers to call a timeout Breakers 26-40 Kings 6:55 #YetiStatWatch Sydney shooting a whopping 68% (15/22) while Breakers 35% (10/28).

Tai Wesley putting in tons of effort for the Breakers gets fouled makes 2/2 but Sydney keep snatching the hard earned points with an 7 second offence execution. Corey Webster looks to have gone cold missing his third consecutive three and looks frustrated. Shea may have shaken some early season rust hitting a three and Sydney call a timeout as Head Coach Andrew Gaze looks to reset the defence setup. Breakers 30-42 Kings 3:24.

Shawn Long everywhere in the post today, cleaning up the misses with another put back and Breakers within 10. Webster hits an inside jumper off some good Breaker ball movement off a Shawn Long assist. Tai Wesley backs in to the paint and uses a soft finger roll finish and gets the Breakers within 6. Andrew Bogut is found near the basket and finishes with an alley-oop dunk and putting a stop to the Breakers run.  Jerome Randle closes the half deep in traffic and high off the glass hitting at the buzzer. Second Quarter: Breakers 40-48 Kings.

Halftime and Breakers win the quarter 22-19 but will have to defend harder and compete better in the second half to stop the consistent Sydney offence.  Breakers running many plays with Shawn Long and Tai Wesley proving to be successful but other guards will need to step up.

The Andrew Bogut and Shawn Long battle down under the basket started the third with Long blocking Bogut twice. In frustration Bogut fouls Shawn Long going for the basket and makes 2/2. Long gets his third personal and KB keeps him on the court. Breakers get a few touches happening and the play is successful with an Armani layup. Jerome Randle hits the deck hard going for the ball and heads back to the locker room to get a closer look.

Tai Wesley hits a three from in front and the Breakers are within three Breakers 47-50 Kings. After a quiet start to the season David Wear hits another three and back up by 6 and the Breakers shoulders slump. But Long has other ideas and hits a mid range shot. Breakers Offence looking slow or stuck and Sydney capitalise and run the ball outscoring the Breakers and will aim to push the boat out on the game in the fourth. At the end of the third quarter only Tai Wesley in double figure scoring for the Breakers and Sydney have Randle, Lisch, Bogut and Wear. Jerome Randle returns to the game no injury reported. Third Quarter: Breakers 58-70 Kings

Breakers offence woes start the fourth with Patrick Richard misses two 3 point shots. Sydney’s Kyle Adnam loads up and hits a three and saws the visitors to a 17 point lead. Shot selection starting to plague the Breakers in the start of the fourth and not helping the score board. Shawn Long with a quick four points gets him a double-double but the rest of the Breakers missing the intensity Long and Wesley were bringing for forty minutes.

Breakers 65-82 Kings 5:57.  Breakers have a spark in their offence with Tom Abercrombie put back makes 2/2 foul shots, Shawn Long Alley-oop dunk and Magic Johnson style hook, Tai Wesley long 2 point and closed the gap Breakers 73-87 Kings 2:40 to play. Jarome having his way with Breakers guards today hitting impossible shots and getting his team involved every time he is on the court helping find open threes for the Kings and the 23 point victory tearing the Breakers in two.

Fourth Quarter: Breakers 78-101 Kings

Sydney execute their game plan to well, finish shooting 60% taking and 18 less shots than the Breakers 36% FG and only 22% from 3pt on the night!  Full Time we are yet to see the fast paced Breakers that out run the other teams on the court and defend hard enough to keep teams under 80 points. Melbourne were gassed after a quadruple overtime game just a day break and the Breakers took advantage of that last weekend to get the win.

Unfortunately Breakers Captain Tom Abercrombie is looking for Rythm along side last seasons NBL Most Improved Player Shea Ili. Where to from here at the end of round two? Watching A LOT of tape and seeing what is not working, what is. Or change the entire game plan? The Basketball Yeti will be in the lab putting his ideas together and keep you up to date with Breakers plans.

Notable Breakers: Tail Wesley & Shawn Long share the mention this week, who played their heart out and combined for half of the Breakers points.


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