Sydney Kings vs Skycity Breakers NZ
Saturday 09/11/18 7:20pm NZ (5:20pm AU)
By: Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti

First Quarter see Long foul Bogut makes 1/2. Bogut fouls Abercrombie rips his shirt and called for unsportsmanlike foul makes 2/2. Webster iso play after playing the two man game with Tai Wesley. Webster with the turn around step back on Adnam. Newly hits a three from the top of the arc for Sydney. Long with a deep two. Jerome Randle fancy footwork alley-oop to Andrew Bogut but Tai Wesley interrupts it but Bogut gets the put back.

Wesley three quickly for the Breakers. Shawn Long slams off the miss over three defenders and ties it 13 a piece and 3:33 to play. Shawn Long deep three from the top being a true workhorse in the first quarter. Brian Bowen gets down the court for a dunk and long pass. Shawn Long dunk then called for his second foul KB keeps him in. Patrick Richard 3 goes down and ties at 21 with less than thirty seconds. Jerome Randle drives the lane early looking for a two for one. Randle hits it high off the glass is fouled and makes the and one. 12.4 seconds on the clock and Breakers have a chance but don’t convert.

First Quarter: Kings 24-21 Breakers 56-41%

Second Quarter Kicket gets Kings scoring. Quick ball movement with Richard lob pass Delany who draws the man and bounce pass to Majok off the glass finish. Delany walks inside and is fouled by pal Kyle Adnam makes 1/2 and down by three. David Ware drops two off the inbounds. Patrick Richard euro like move inside for a tidy layup. Majok is fouled hard by one of four of the Sydney players and makes 2/2. Wesley fakes the three over Adnam and dribbles and pops up at the free throw line. Sydney call a time out SYD 29-29 NZ 5:54. Andrew Bogut backs in using his size hits the shot over Tai Wesley.

Bogut to Adnam to Ware hook. Randle finds room inside off a Bogut possession and Kevin Braswell calls a Breakers timeout to talk about defending Bogut and try zone defence. Bogut with the bullet pass and fourth assist Newly gets the finger roll in front is fouled and misses the and one opportunities. Abnan makes the most of a cut and gives Kings a 6 point lead. Huge Bogut block and third tonight and the Shawn Long battle continues. Jerome Randle tear drop floater from in front and gives Sydney a 9’point buffer SYD 45-36 NZ 1:40. A great play starts with every player touches the ball before Long finishes and makes the and one. Randle three. Newly drive open lane and Sydney up 11, Breakers timeout with 5.6 to play. Daniel Kickert in form and off a hook goes in at the buzzer.

Halftime: Kings 39-52 Breakers

Only 10 points in the paint for the Breakers compared to the Kings 38 and Kings shooting 66% compared to Breakers 39%. Breakers shooters will keep shooting but will need to defend harder and get the shots ready for the shooters. Third Quarter starts with more Kings offence before a Jerome Randle End to end Pass to Andrew Bogut who dunks forcing a Breakers timeout as Kings celebrate up by 17. Newly with a quality two and up 19. Shea Ili 3 helps close the gap then a Patrick Richard 3 and Kings call a timeout SYD 62-49 NZ 6:11. Adnan with a three from the top of the three and on 9 points.

Wesley backs in and finds a cutting Shea Ili. Bogut kicks out to Kyle Adnan who knocks down another three. Jerome Randle 18 foot jumper and is on 20 points for the Kings SYD 70-53 NZ 3:54. Shawn Long blocks Bogut. Patrick Richard ignited some Breakers offence with a three. Corey Webster having a dry night (5 points 18%fg) coming off his 31 points on Friday. Richard pop n stop and hits over Deng Deng. Shawn Long after a quiet third is fouled in the paint makes 2/2. Kickert hits a three off a good screen. Weeks drives and gets a good shot off the glass. Randle works his magic in the dying seconds of the third and hits the shot giving the Kings a solid 15 point lead.

Third Quarter: Kings 79-64 Breakers

Fourth Quarter and Daniel Kickert starts with a three. Shawn Long inside two. Sydney defence is tough inside and out and smothering the Breakers. Deng gets the crazy dunk off the crazy good pass from Jerome Randle and a 20 point lead. Shawn Long is fouled makes 1/2. Bowen with the turnaround jumper contested heavily by Webster. Andrew Bogut comes back in after sitting the first three minutes. Tai Wesley is fouled makes 1/2 and wanting to ignite a comeback. Kyle Adnan having a great 25th birthday and hits off a Bogut screen. Tai Wesley fouled again but makes both this time.

Wesley hits a three but Sydney has an 18 point lead off a Bowen jumper. Wesley hits another three 4/7. Shea Ili fouled makes 1/2 . Bogut can’t find anyone to pass and hits a very deep two. Bogut blocks Wesley and celebrates the fifth of the night SYD 96-83 NZ 2:35. Shawn Long off a Shea Ili pass and back within eleven. But in the next possession David Ware hits a two in transition and Breakers call a timeout. Andrew Bogut gets the hook and is on 17 points and brings up 100 for Sydney. Kyle Adnan blocks Abercrombie corner three with 40 seconds to play.

Fulltime: Kings 100-87 Breakers

Game Round-up and Thoughts: Sydney played a consistent from wire to wire and closed down the New Zealand guards. Sydney winning 5 of the last 6 and Bogut was too controlling. First back to back loses for the Breakers.

Shawn Long 25 points – Video Highlights:

Box Scores:

Kings vs Breakers Video Highlight:


Next Home game: 23rd November Spark Arena vs Perth Wildcats

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