TOM ABERCROMBIE CHATS TO THE BASKETBALL YETI: What It Means To Be A Breaker, To Owning The Captaincy Role.

This weekend the Breakers have their second consecutive weekend with two games and essentially both away games. Starts Friday in Invercargil/Southland facing Melbourne United before Heading to Sydney to face the Kings on Sunday. This will be a huge test for the group facing the top two teams in the league and all look in good form and have superstars that can light up the night at anytime. I had a chance to chat with Tom Abercrombie after practise this week before they head on the road.  

Leon Taylor – Basketball Yeti
Tom Abercrombie – Breaker/Tall Black
Breakers Training Facility

Basketball Yeti: So here we are now man, you’re above .500, pretty good feeling for a new group, new core values in a way. How do you feel about making that (game winning) shot on the weekend?

Tom Abercrombie: Um yeah obviously ecstatic to make that shot, it was a bloody good feeling, having a game winner and an important game for us to cap off the weekend with a couple of wins and like you said get over .500 for the first time this season it’s been quite a roller-coaster to start with but in some respects we always knew it was going to be a bit like that this team has still got a whole lot to learn about ourselves but we’re I think starting to develop our identity now, a good flow in the way we’re playing and those poorer patches are becoming fewer and far between so I think we’re heading in the right direction and yeah we’re now looking to creep into the top four for the first time.

BY: When we talk about that identity, what kind of are those values within the identity you think?

TA: What do you mean, from a playing point of view? Or a culture point of view?

BY: Like from a culture point of view…

TA: Um I guess a good sense of camaraderie and chemistry is always really important and we’re starting to develop that, any time you get a new group of people, a new group of guys, it takes a while to get to know each other off the court and on the court, how guys like to play things and that’s starting to come along where we’re you know a close knit group away from Basketball which is really good and any time you start to get on the road a little bit and you develop that chemistry I think is really important and that’s starting to come along.

BY: It’s officialthe Captain’s crown has been handed to you, how are you feeling you’re handling that, taking that?

TA: Yeah I mean it’s been fine so far, to be honest it’s not a huge, huge change for me, yeah I’ve had a pretty big leadership role in the team for a number of years and I guess now I’ve got that captain title it adds a little more pressure but for me it’s been fun a new challenge and just getting to I guess manage the guys and the team, make sure everyone’s happy and um we’ve got a lot of personalities and things we’ve got to try and bring together and fine a way to be that voice in the group when they need it so it’s been a fun challenge for me but I’ve been enjoying it.

BY: And Melbourne in Southland, is it kinda like playing a home game, is it an away game? Cause you’re not really in your hometown…

TA: Yeah it’s got a little bit of both I think obviously we’ve had the travel and things to get down there but I know the Southland fans absolutely love their basketball there and it’s going to be a really cool atmosphere, they’ll be right behind us even though there’s a couple of ex-Sharkies In the Melbourne team (laughs) but we’re looking forward to it obviously we don’t get to the Breakers brand throughout New Zealand too much during the season and we haven’t done this for a very long time so it’s going to be nice to get out and visit some different parts of the country starting in Southland

BY: Being such a back bone of the past and present Breakers, you’ve seen a lot of those fans out there man, you know, what do you think it’s going to bring to Southland cause we’ve already seen that the Sharks are huge, they pack it out even with the NZNBL, um what’s the excitement like down there?

TA: Yeah I think the biggest thing I’ve learned travelling around New Zealand with the Breakers is that you know there’s Breakers fans everywhere, we’ve popped into tiny little towns in the middle of the South Island before and there’s kids wearing Breakers singlets and things and man they love those Skycity Breakers so it’s a great chance for us to go and reconnect with some of those people like I said touch some parts of New Zealand that we don’t get to a lot of and you know Southland is the perfect place to start a town that’s very passionate about sport and Basketball in particular and I know they’re going to create a really awesome atmosphere for us.

BY: Awesome man, hey good luck with Melbourne and with Sydney.

Thanks for checking out my interview if you would like to read some more here is the last interview with import Armani Moore:

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